We Make Ideas Move

We schedule a select number of weddings each year so we can give our happy couples the undivided attention they deserve.

Not sure which package would be best for your big day?  Contact us and we'll help you go through the choices.  Don't forget to check out the add-on options listed at the bottom if you'd like to customize your package.

Investment Options

The Collector's Edition

  • 2 cinematographers
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous coverage
  • 18-25 minute Feature Edit
  • Traditional Documentary Extended Edit
  • Online Teaser Trailer
  • HD copy on flash drive

The Feature Film

  • 2 Cinematographers
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous coverage
  • 18-25 minute Feature Edit
  • HD copy on flash drive

The Montage

  • 1 Cinematographer
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous coverage
  • 8-10 minute Highlight Film
  • HD copy on flash drive

Customizing Options

Highlight Short Film

A short film covering the events of your day, usually edited to the length of two songs.  We mix natural audio captured throughout the day with handpicked music to emphasize the couple as the heart of the story.

Teaser Trailer

A great add on to get everyone excited about the upcoming release of your full wedding story.  Usually 2-3 minutes in length and delivered online shortly after the wedding day.

Documentary Extended Edit

This edit lets you relive your day in its entirety.  From the ceremony and speeches to parties and dances, this has it all.  Running time varies based on amount of footage shot.

DVD/Blu-ray Discs

This isn't an automatic inclusion in packages because it helps keep costs down.  DVD and Blu-ray discs won't be around forever as technology is ever changing.  Having said that, if you'd like to have a couple of copies available to hand out to family and friends, we can definitely make that happen.

Rehearsal Coverage

Rehearsals are a great place to find some of those "hidden gem" moments.  They're also great supplemental material for DVD/Blu-rays. 

Extra Coverage Time

Want to make sure we capture everything you need remembered without the extra bells and whistles?  Schedule an extra hour or two and we'll be happy to be there as long as you need us.